Dances the Moonlit Path

Name: Rioka Sado (Chad)

Deed Names: "Dances the Moonlit Path"

Species: Kitsune

Breed: Roko (Fox-born)

Auspice: Doshi (Sorceror)

Rank: Three Tails (Adren)

Basic Apperance:

In Homid form, Dances is a grinning, happy looking young man, kinda short too, standing only about 5 feet and 4 inches tall. His eyes are a lusterous brown that glimmer with amusement, joy, and curiousity and his teeth are sparkling white. His black hair is, at best, windswept, a cluttered disaster more wild than tamed. His asiatic colouration accented by his attire. He tends to wear a bright firey club style top in a very artistic rendition of dancing flames, with Kanji on his sleeves with blue-green pants that catch the light and a pair of well worn running shoes. Across his back is a sword bigger than he is tall, a full Nodachi great blade, and at his waist he wears a sheathed Katana in a powder blue sheath. (5 App)


Common Knowledge


* Penelope (Mate)


While the Fox does not have a pack, nor a Sentai, he does tend to try to help just about anyone he can to do whatever they're working on. Well, except eating banes, that's Thera's Schtick!


*Went into a Mirror Universe with most of the rest of the Sept, disappeared seperate from them, seemingly before, yet he returned later than most… and doesn't talk about it

*In the Wyld West, appeared as a Chinese Railway Worker, but at least wasn't dressed as an asian man-whore…

*Has displayed his Rage on more than one occassion, most interestingly, he definately gets very upset when things happen to Penelope but he doesn't Frenzy



OOC Info

* Name: Michael Berthiaume (Bee) - Michael_B-OOC
* Location: New Brunswick, Canada
* Contact Info: moc.liamg|emuaihtrebeebm#moc.liamg|emuaihtrebeebm

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