Danaya's History


This is a story of betrayal and pain … A fenrir named Hakon Volundr an Adren Ahroun was away with his pack on a mission to take out a hive. His Beta and brother Vidarr Silksif heard word that some of the kinfolk had been ambushed on their way to town. Hakon sent Vidarr and a couple others back to check it out while the rest moved on to locate and destroy the hive.
When Vidar and the other two got there the spirals that had attacked were already dead but not before they took the life of Vidarr's mate Kelda. His fellow brothers had to hold him back when the rage overcame him. His eldest son was also dealing with his own rage. they all returned to the sept and prepared the gathering for the departed.
The whole sept mourned the passing of Kelda as she was a strong woman and one of their medics. The pack was very close to one another they all felt the pain over the pack link even when not all has arrived home. Hakon's mate Dagny was also taking it rather hard she mourned the death of her sister and friend.
Over the next few days the sept worked to get back to normal the rest of the pack still away on the mission Vidarr and the others decided to stay and protect the sept. Dagny would fix their meals and serve them the drinks. One night overcome with grief Dagny sat in Kelda's room crying as she looked around at her belongings.
Vidarr walked into the room for the first time since the death he sat down beside Dagny putting an arm around her. She welcomed the comfort and started talking of memories they all had of her. Soon after many drinks and talking they found themselves holding one another for comfort, that soon turned into short kisses, then longer ones, soon after that they found themselves lost in the passion of grief. They sought comfort from eachother and found it as they made love.
The next morning Hakon and the others arrived back to the sept. When he walked into the house he found Dagny in bed with Vidarr. In a fit of anger and sadness he grabbed Vidarr and tossed him out of the room. Dagny screamed and moved to try to stop her husband onlt to get backhanded harshly. Hakon and Vidarr fought hard against eachother it seemed that the once close brothers were no more.
Once the smoke cleared and tempers were lowered to a simmer. they faced the sept Alpha along with the eldest ragabash and eldest Philodox to face judgement. Vidarr and Dagny both told their side of what happened then Hakon told his. Once all was heard the alpha, Dox and Raggie went off to talk it all over. Once they returned the Dox made her announcement of the punishment. Vidarr was stripped of some wisdom and honor his pack ostracised him for a short term of time.
A month passes they are finally over the pain of it all and back to being the pack they once were save for some small hard feelings. Dagny finds out she is pregnant which drives a wedge between her and Hakon. Soon A strange woman arrives to the sept charming the men but her sights fall on Hakon. as Vidarr and Dagny remain close even begin to show feelings of love Hakon gets cozy with the woman. They still remain a pack even after all the disputes and feelings of betrayal.
Ingrid soon gets Hakon under her spell and once hearing his story of woe she divulges to him a way of getting retribution. Overcome with joy at the prospect of getting his revenge he allows Ingrid to do her magic. Ingrid casts a curse on Dagny and the unborn child unknown to them. Things continue to go on as if the past was forgiven Vidarr and Dagny soon wed as does Hakon and Ingrid. Ingrid soon has the whole pack under a spell then the whole sept believes she is the best thing to have come to them. They all fel she has fixed Hakon's pack and relieved the animosity holding them back.
The day comes when the baby is born, The labor is very intense and rough on Dagny. No one can seem to explain why Dagny weakens during the labor there is a sense of dread in the air. Dagny nearly dies giving birth to such a tiny child. No one seems to be overjoyed by the birth Dagny and Vidarr seem saddened. Ingrid convinces them that this child is a bad omen that she must not live. When vidarr and Dagny take Nauma to rid of her they find they can not do it.
They raise her but do not seem to be connected to her as they should a child. Ingrid refuses to aknowledge the child as part of the tribe and pack. As Nauma grows she works hard to try to prove herself. One night as Nauma was out in the woods Ingrid snuck up on her and stabs her. Thinking the girl dead she begins to return to the sept only to be stopped by the sounds of the child shifting. the girl only being 14 ingrid screams for help as nauma starts to stalk her in her rage.
When they get her subdued and find out it is Nauma who was ready to attack Ingrid they are all shocked. Ingrid spins some story that they all believe despite nauma's protests, The Den parent seems rougher on her than the others everyone seems to look upon her with shame. She is forced to change her name she chooses Danaya. She works her hardest to try to prove she is just as worthy but her body poves weaker than her will and determination.
She slowly manages to make her way up in the ranks showing her skills as a theurge are fairly good. One night she overhears Ingrid and Hakon talking about the curse ingrid bestowed upon her. After hearing this she goes to her parents and tells them of what she heard but they do not listen they only ask ingrid and Hakon if the story is true. when they deny such accusations Nauma goes to a ragabash. when no one will believe her she decides it time to leave.


All she ever mentions is how she was not well treated at her old sept and had to fight harder than most to prove herself among her tribe.

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