Name: Nauma Silksif

Alias/Nicknames: Danaya, Dany, Naya

Deed Name: Little bit proves her worth

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Cliath

Breed: Homid


Homid Form:
She is a young woman in her late teens, she has short wavy ice blonde hair with violet and teal streaks, mysterious violet eyes, she is rather small for a fenrir standing at just below 5ft.(4'8") she has a tiny yet athletic body her skin is almost snow white.

Lupus Form:
A snow white wolf smaller than most

Crinos Form:

Notable traits

PureBreed 4

4 appearance traits

Everyday Outfit:

Battle Gear:


Crimson Ice

Kin / Family

Leif -Mate

their unborn child

Her packmates and their mates

Common Knowledge

She has come to the new sept to find a place to start over with a new life.

She has claimed the position of warder and seems to take it very seriously

Abriel just challenged her for the position of warder and won

Recently was stripped of her fostern rank and deed name due to loss of renown after her folley as warder

She has claimed Lief as her mate and found out she is pregnant due in september

She has become friends with Danica


Daily Routine


Danaya's History


IC Contact Info


Bleed it out by: Linkin Park

New Divide by: Linkin Park

Behind Blue Eyes by: Limp Bizkit

Headstrong by: Trapt

Lies by: Evanescence

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