Dahlia Larssen

Name: Dahlia Larssen

Nicknames: Ice Queen, Valkyrie's Grace.

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Breed: Kinfolk

Born: July 23, 1986.

Title: Best Damn Mechanic, also fixes vehicles for the Sept.

Base Description:

Dahlia has a cool, calm demeanor to her, unless you threaten her family. She stands at six feet tall, and is very athletic looking. Her muscles look evenly toned. Her skin is very pale and she has eyes so light blue they look like shards of ice. There are dimples in her cheeks when she smiles.

Typical Outfit:

She is usually seen wearing jeans, or jean shorts, a tshirt with the word Dahlia's written in right top corner and a pair of boots, hiking, biker, etc….

Common Knowledge:

Dahlia grew up in Austria, Germany. She is the only child to Brings a Tear to your Eye, an Elder of the nation. Her father carries one of the Seven Hammers in the Get of Fenris tribe. Growing up, Dahlia loved to play and roughhouse with the boys. Her cousins were all madly in love with her. Dahlia is well known around car shows, she has been in Popular Mechanics magazine several times. She is also well known around the racing circuit and is known for racing cars at night. All other mechanics wish to be her and aspire to have her drive and dedication at fixing cars. (Famex5: Mechanic) She is known for doing body work and airbrushing and paint jobs on cars. It is her favorite past time to work on the vehicles she has bought and paid for. Her favorite ride is a Camaro that has the figure of a Valkyrie airbrushed on the front hood with a wolf beside her and a moon overhead. The car itself is painted black and blue and red. (Crafts x 5)


Thrall Larssen - Mate

Aren Larssen - Eldest Son

Arik Larssen - toddler Son

Valdis - Infant Daughter

== Rumors ==

1. She broke Thrall's heart so bad one time that he literally went on a suicide mission.
2. She was married before she met Thrall.
3. She is claustrophobic.
4. She is allergic to Penicillin.
5. Her first husband fell to the wyrm.
6. Her first husband died on his knees, begging for his life.
7. Her first son was stolen by fairies
8. She was turned away by the Fenrir tribe because of the way her first husband died.
9. She has two other children who live in the dragon lands in the north.
10. She was once mated to a Mokole named Theo.
11. Her father is alpha of his own sept in Austria.
12. Her true love has always been Thrall.
13. Her nickname is the Ice Queen.
14. She was trained by the Valkyries in Asgard.
15. Nerigal has claimed her as he own personal Valkyrie.
16. She can actually turn into a Valkyrie with wings made of ice shards, if angry enough.
17. Valdis was born in Asgard.

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Player - Katie Nance

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