Crimson Ice

Nerigal Ice warrior, the god of Mars

Spirit Type: Totem of War

Pack Bans

The pack can never run from a fight once it has been started

Base Benefits

One Brawl, One Melee, one Health Level. Can never enter fox frenzy

Additional Benefits

Pack Link, Nerigal can Open Star Roads as well as Materialize in times of great need.

Pack Purpose

Patrolling Highways to stop shipments of weapons and drugs used by the Wyrm's minions

Pack Members

Thrall Larssen - Alpha

Aren Larssen - Beta, Thrall & Dahlia's eldest son

Thera Anderson





Pack Allies and Family

Dahlia Larssen - Thrall's mate

Arik - Thrall & Dahlia's toddler son

Valdis - Thrall & Dahlia's infant daughter

Kenna - Brand Dagmar's Mate & Thrall's Cousin

Kenja and íssa - Brand & Kenna's Twin Toddler Daughters

Brynja - Brand Dagmar's Twin Sister & Thrall's Ward

Aaralyn O'Connell - Gunnar's Former Mate

Avengelyne - Tommy's Former Mate

Leif - Danaya's Mate


Common Knowledge

Gunnar Erikson Deceased (Died in Honor)

Tommy Larsen Deceased, (Died in Dishonor)

1. Loki is Thrall's mortal enemy and wants Dahlia for himself when she showed him she was witty, and strong and intelligent.
2. Aren was raised by alfs in their world.
3. Dahlia has died and come back for Thrall.
4. Valdis will one day grow up to rule the Fenrir tribe and become the last living being with a piece of Gaia inside of her.
5. Crimson Ice is made up the strongest and most elite of the nation.
6. Aren will one day hold his grandfather's Jarl Hammer and lead legions of Fenrir onto the battlefield.

Typical Activities
1. Crimson Ice is seen running the woods together.
2. They travel the highways and roads patrolling.
3. Crimson Ice works out on the training grounds that Dahlia created near the compound.


<Thrall_Larssen> Damn right they are…first time Dahlias Vagina bites me Im biting it back.
<Thrall_Larssen> What? I fight the wyrm, fight the weaver, fight the gods, last thing I need to do is fight my wife's vagina."

<Inessa_Erikson> Thera just has a very small penis.
<Thera_Andersen> she can't wear tank tops off sept as is

Inessa_Erikson ducks

<Thera_Andersen> Whatever.
<Thera_Andersen> She's got a huge dick.
<Thera_Andersen> His name is Thrall
<Thera_Andersen> and he's her pack alpha

IC Contact Info
The only way to find Thrall is to get a member of his pack or call Dahlia.


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