Calliope Terpsichord

Name - Calliope Terpsichord, Avenging Angel, Stalks the Night, Fists of Rage, Dances with Fury, Hand of Helena

Tribe - Black Furies

Auspice - Ahroun

Rank - Athro

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits -She has a tattoo of Pegasus on her right shoulder, a tattoo of a labrys ((Double heade axe)) on her right forearm. She wears an armband on her left arm, made of gold, and wears a leather bracer on her right wrist with a raven burned into the leather. She also has a ribbon tied around her left arm, with symbols depicting the greek gods and goddesses of mythology. She has a scar running along the back of her neck into her hairline. And a scar running along her shoulder as if someone tried to sever her arm from her body.

Pack Gaia's Hand, Elder pack
((Includes Alexis Mnemosyne ((Npc)), Lisbeth Hawkins ((Child of Gaia NPC)), Sadie Michaels ((Child of Gaia NPC)), and Daphne Berenike ((Black Fury NPC))

==Information known to the Nation==

Her father, Alexander is a great wine maker in Greece. He still lives there and wants her to marry his partner, ((An old decrepit Black Fury kin, named Nikolas)) She refused and came to America at Kassidy Blackett's request to take over the Crosswinds caern. So now she is pulling her hair out trying to get this place in shape and get things in order. She was asked by the elders to try to get the garou and fera to make friends, but it looks like that isn't happening anytime soon. She has a war council which consists of Darian, Theo, and Orin. It has openings for two others. She also has a younger sister named Maia, who is kin, who is swings both ways.

Rites and Challenges
Calliope shifted at 13, after witnessing the destruction of a sacred wild place, one full of trees and plants, and wildlife. Such rage and anger filled her for the men who had done such a thing that she felt her fur grow and her teeth sharpen to a deadly razors edge. After it was all said and done though,her family threw a party for her, happy that she had shifted. It was one of the proudest moments of her life. Her aunt and cousin, Micajah, and her younger sister Maia, lavished attention and fanfare on her. She was sent to the local sept of Black Furies. She was said to take to being Garou like she had been waiting for it. Her mother died at a young age and Maia and Calliope were raised by their aunt, along with their cousin, Micajah. Now she was being trained for her most important duty, being a warrior for Gaia. Micajah and Calliope could always been seen together. He took care of her, as he was older than her. She trained under a great Black Fury named Gaia's Vengence. She was hard on Calliope, but Calliope took it all and bloomed under her tutelage. After a risky rite of passage, where Calliope was sent into the umbra and was made to fight a whole pack of Black Spiral Dancers on her own,soon a cliath among the nation. She then joined her first pack and patrolled the areas around their home. It was a pack of nothing but Black Furies. Within a year she was Fostern. Within another year, her pack died under the claws of Black Spiral Dancers when the sept went on a hive dive. Calliope was desolate. She felt the deep pain of losing her pack in her heart. Her father, being a greedy man, was giving her hand to a older Black Fury kin, trying to force her to marry him. Calliope was only sixteen and did not love the man. She told her father no and after that, he refused to see her. She then threw herself into her duties as a garou and soon within two years became adren. A well known Fury named Kassidy Blackett sent out a call to Calliope, having heard of her deeds and brought her to America, where Calliope was given the task of uniting the caern. Calliope, came and took over. She soon went on her Athro challenge, where she had to fight a Fomori who was running several strip bars and enslaving women to do his bidding. She is now called Avenging Angel. She met Hunter and fell in love with him. Not understanding at first what was happening to her. She tried to stay away from him, even avoided him at first, but the heart does not understand duty. So now she has claimed Hunter as her mate and does not let anyone get in the way. She now has twins. A boy named Apollo and a girl named Artemis. She went into labor after battling Wyrm tainted Ananasi.


* On her way to Greece now, to help put the Gods and Goddesses back in place.
*Battled Wyrm Tainted Ananasi.
*Battled the wyrm tainted Mokole, named Breton.
*Battled a Demon Spirit.

== Rumors ==

* Rumor has it, her mate is a Corax by the name of Hunter.
* She had a cub culled.
* Her and Darian, the Elder Shadow Lord, had sex.
* Her sister is a lesbian femenazi.
* She is hiding from her father who is trying to marry her off to an older Black Fury kin.
* She had an affair with her cousin Micajah.
* She owns several women's shelters.
* She is massively wealthy.
* Her favorite cliath is Gwenevere Snow.
* Her and Thrall do not get along.
* She is one of the youngest sept alphas in the nation.
* She doesn't like dark meat.
* She is one of the youngest Athros in the nation.
* When she is elder she will be asked to join the Outer Calyx.
* Her mother was a Black Spiral Dancer.
* Her brother was sent away, because he was born a boy.
* Her brother was so angry he fell to the wyrm.
* Her brother was actually the Black Spiral Dancer, Renders.
* She backed up Thrall when he kicked a bastet off the bawn.
* The bastet tried to call Calliope out, in front of the other garou, and get her to rescind
the order. She refused.
* She had a metis named Linus sent home to be retrained in the tribe.



==OOC Information==

Player - Katie

Location -

Contact info - moc.oohay|31legna_ttelracs#moc.oohay|31legna_ttelracs
If anyone goes looking for her, the best way is to find her on the caern or to howl for her. She does NOT carry a cellphone or have a computer.

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