Background Guildelines

Crosswinds Background Guidelines

Basic: (Required for all Characters)

*** We are not expecting a novel just to be able to get a feel for the character

1) Age

2) Place of birth and any relevant information on parents and other family.

3) Justification and/or how the character uses of merits and flaws.
Example if you have aHatred or an Enemy explain how that came about in the background.

4) If you take one of the backgrounds mentioned in the creation guide above 3 then this will need justification in your background or they will be lowered.

5) We would like to describe the rank challenge that gave you each deed name. Please be reasonable.

Extended background: (Require for any character is not homid born garou or a basic kinfolk)

1) Please complete the requirements for a basic background above.

2) Show an understanding of the special character type you are asking for so the
storytellers can see that you have actually taken the time to Read the source material. I do not have the book with not be an acceptable excuse there is ebay, amazon, or

3) Tell us what this concept will bring to the game. How will it enrich the role-play for the people role-playing with you?

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