Name Avengelyne, or Ava.. also has been known as Angel.

Tribe Glasswalker

Breed Kinfolk

Notable Traits

Angel stands all of 5 feet 3 inches, though has an abundance of energy to her that seems to just radiate out from her. She most often wears a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, running shoes on her feet. She has been known and seen to be riding a motorcycle, and constantly has at least one source of tech on her at all times, be that a lap top, phone, or some other small rarely seen device. She has an ever warm and friendly smile, and often is laughing.

==Information known to the Nation==

- She is very gifted with technology of all sorts, building it, hacking it to it, you name it she can probably do it.
- She built and modified her own phone and lap top.
- She has made friends with Wyatt and Jesse.
- She has known contacts in the mortal influences.
- She lives in the city.
- She was mated to Wyatt, whom claimed her, though sadly he apparently turned spiral and died. She was quite upset for a long while, and slowly has returned to her bouncy, happy self.
- She has been helping around the sept with the great many supplies that have been needed, and anything else that she can possibly help with along the way.
- Tommy claimed her as his mate, only to cheat on her and then get killed for it.
- Ava has spent her time attempting to keep very busy since
- She was very angry and bitter for sometime following the death of Tommy and the proof that she was given that he had been cheating on her. This bitterness has melted recently, her laughter and energy returning with time. It would seem that something has helped heal her heart and soul.
- She has grown cold with her time away from the sept, slightly removed, and keeping most people at arms reach, though will still do what is needed to be done.
- Since events have taken place several months ago, Ave has become far more aggressively dominant in her own rights. She does not seem to take shit from anyone, will stand up for herself where she used to back off, and has a bit of a playful attitude.

Kin / family
- Was Mated to Tommy - now dead
- unknown

== Rumors ==

  • Ava is crazy.. she seems to change emotions like someone flips a switch!

== Quotes ==

==OOC Information==

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