All Garou are creatures of flesh and spirit. All Garou are Gaia's claws, her warriors and intermediaries. Each of the five auspices has their own role to play, and while they sometimes overlap, while none are proprietary, each is particularly suited to that role. For further reading, it is recommended to check out //The Book of Auspices.//

Ragabash, No-Moon, the Trickster

Ragabash are the tricksters and fools of the Garou. From deflating werewolves who become too over-pompous and filled with hubris to calling a scandal on those the Philodox miss, to acting as scouts and spies the Ragabash serve an important place in the Garou Nation.
Beginning Rage: 1
Beginning Gift List: Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water

Theurge, Crescent Moon, the Seer

Theurges serve as spiritualists, purifiers, the common link between most spirits and other Garou. They perform and lead the majority of the Rites of the Garou nation, study the ways of the unnatural, and commune with all sorts of spirits. Crescent-moons have all kinds of interesting allies from the Umbra, and one never knows what insights these visionaries may bring to the fore.
Beginning Rage: 2
Beginning Gift List: Mother's Touch, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Speech

Philodox, Half Moon, the Judge

Philodox are the arbiters, leaders and enforcers of the Garou Nation. They are the keepers of tradition, and the born leaders of the Garou Nation (Auspice-wise). They are second to Theurges in skill with rites, and may even surpass them with those of Accord. The words of a Philodox carry great weight and power, but when used carelessly can cause great harm.
Beginning Rage: 3
Beginning Gift List: Resist Pain, Scent of True Form, Truth of Gaia

Galliard, Gibbous Moon, the Moon Dancer

Galliards are the keepers of the tales of the nation, the talesingers and performers, the teachers of the Nation. Most Galliards go out of their way to seek out stories, lore, hidden knowledge of the Garou. They sing the deeds and pass on the tales of the Garou, and every Galliard worth their salt aspires to one day add to the Silver Record, though few ever achieve such.
Beginning Rage: 4
Beginning Gift List: Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld, Mindspeak

Ahroun, Full Moon, the Warrior

All Garou are warriors at heart, from the one-armed Metis with a bum leg to the Theurge doctor to the meditative lore seeker who seems calm; so what then does it mean to be Ahroun? Ahroun are warriors without peer, battle-leaders, tacticians, heroes to inspire others to greater deeds and sometimes, when there is need, executioners. Because of their tremendous Rage Ahroun have a great deal of difficulty interacting with humans or their society at all, and combined with the often frequent conflict, many Full Moons burn out early. Those rare few who make it to Elder are amongst the deadliest and most dangerous of all Garou.
Beginning Rage: 5
Beginning Gift List: Falling Touch, Inspiration, Razor Claws

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