Ashara's History


When she arrived at crosswinds she was just a ragged waif of a girl clinging to a doll that talked for her claiming to be her guide spirit. Soon she started allowing a couple of people to get close to her and make sure she ate and kept clean. Though she let a few people help her it still took her a lot of time before she would talk on her own.

Wyatt and Gabriel had finally started to get Ashara to talk and open up a bit. But it was Gabriel who truly got through to her. Soon Gabriel had gotten her to reluinquish the doll leaving it in her yurt. Gabriel soon became closer than a mere friend he gave her the first taste of what love would be. It broke her heart when he dissapeared never to return.

She has talked of being posessed by an evil spirit in a doll she found, then of being lost in the darkness and that Sari was sent to guide her. She only told a few select people about the reason she was lost was because of the fact that while she was posessed by evil she killed her parents and siblings, Well all but her oldest brother David in which she is close too.

Alex Collard Aka Mr. Mitnick came along taking her on a mission where her skills with the dead came in handy. He did not waste time in asking her out on a date. While she had known what it was like to love it is Alex who gave her the first taste of passion and desire. He awoke the first feelings of lust in her making her feel strangely alive. At first she feared being jsut another of his conquests but soon learned that not only had she changed him, he had also changed her making her more dareing and sensual. For the first time she is actualy a woman instead of a scared waif of a girl.

Ashara has found she loves Alex more than she ever thought possible she is more than excited to be having their first child and hopes for many more together. He has definately been the one thing in her life that has helped her grow out of being a child and become the woman she is now. She has learned to accept the things that happened in her past as just that. that it was never her fault her family was killed and that is largely due to Alex and David.


Ashara the last of 6 children born to Tarren and Meanna Imani was a bright and cheerful child who seemed to have the knack of talking with the dead she also saw visions of things from time to time. she also developed a talent for ventriloquism and would often take a doll and make it talk when amongst other kids. she was even shown how to create a doll by one of the local doll makers of the sept that seemed to enjoy her talent. together they created a doll that soon became her most prized doll she had.

when she turned 13 she went on a travel with her parents they found themselves at some ruins that were rather curious so they chose to explore. Ashara followed her parents for most of the exploration until curiosity got the better of her. She soon stumbled upon an old slightly beat up doll laying on the ground as if left behind. She took care in brushing it off and looking it over with interest. She finaly meets back up wiht her parents carrying her find to show to them.

They continue on their travels after exploring the ruins Ashara stows the doll in her pack to keep with her and see about mending it.over the length of the travel Ashara starts to develop and almost obsession with the new doll. She soon starts to converse with it as if talking to a lost spirit that she sometimes talks with. Her parents begin to worry a bit as they watch her become increasingly attached to the doll.

The more time she spends wiht hte doll the more haunted and disconnected from the family and the world she gets. Soon she seems to be a different girl all together and eventualy leaves the doll to the side. Once she seems to have discarded the doll her parents see to it the doll is destroyed. Ashara starts to seem like her old self but there are some things that still seem different. She starts to use her old doll again with her little talent.

As time passes things seem to be back to normal until one stormy night. there is a surprise attack on the sept. To her familie's surprise Ashara is standing in the center of it all with a haunting grin. She carries her doll with her until she attacks and kills her older siblings one by one. Her parents are killed as they try to stop her. Other sept members soon begin to intervein and finally manage to get her down.

Once they realise what has happened to Ashara they begin to work hard at removing the posessing spirit. After what seems days the spirit is finally removed from Ashara leaving her weakened. Once she is aware of what happened she becomes catatonic retreating from the world. Those closest to her family try to bring her back but never seem to succeed they turn to what always seemed to comfort her the most.

Over time after being given her most prized doll it seems to take on a life of it's own. The doll starts to speak and claim it is an ancestor of Ashara's named Sari sent to help her. Ashara soon starts to react to being fed and cared for but still does not speak. The doll seems to guide her along and speaks for her hardly ever leaving Ashara's arms. Soon the others of the sept begin to worry Ashara will never be the same so Sari decides it time to travel and find a place for her to heal.

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