Name: Ashara Imani

Nicknames: Ash, Little ghost talker, Whisper On The Wind

Tribe: Silent Strider

Breed: Kinfolk

==Notable Traits==

Is a young woman in her late teens (18) of romani descent with dark brown hair cut short, mysterious haunted grey eyes, has a very slender 4'10" tanned athletic frame

She is always seen wearing a long sleeve shirt of some sort, fingerless gloves, leggings, boots

Silent Strider pure breed (x2)

Has has a young, friendly face

4 app. traits

A soft soothing voice

==Information known to the Nation==

She came to the sept looking rather travel worn carrying a small ventriloquist like doll that has as much resemblance to her as a doll can have. Strangely enough the doll seems to have a life of it's own calling itself Sari. Sari does all the talking where Ashara seems to be mute and very lacking in social skills due to a trauma she suffered when she was young.

Since her arrival she has learned to live again with the help of some of the garou around the sept getting her to come out of the shell she put herself in.

Her oldest brother David showed up some time ago and had since been taking care of her making sure she was safe.

She was swept off her feet by a rather suave glasswalker going by Mr. Mitnick who claimed her as his mate in turn making her kin to the glasswalkers.

she recently had her baby

Ashara's History

==Kin/ Famiy==

Alex Collard (Mr Mitnick) - Mate

Evangelica - Newborn Daughter

David Imani - Oldest Brother who recently died

David Jr. - Nephew, David's Son who she has taken in since David's death


Ashara on

Mr Mitnick "The dark mysterious man who charmed me and intruiged me when i first met him, who showed me that though he may seem all dark and shady he is also sweet and loving. I will spend the rest of my life being warmed by the light he has brought into my once darkened life"

On Ashara
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Mr Mitnick "She is the most surprising woman I have met in my entire life. The shrinking violet I found myself attracted to, opened up to reveal labyrinthine depth and brilliance that I hope to spend the rest of my life loving."



KimberlyJennings smiles warmly and move to shake Ashara's hand "I'm Kimberly Jennings, Financial Advisor and demolitions specialist. Affiliated with the glasswalker tribe.

"Ashara Imani kinfolk born to the silent striders but now affiliated with the glasswalkers"

Mr_Mitnick whispers to Ashara

Mr_Mitnick smiles widely

Ashara "well was inseminated into after mariage"

KimberlyJennings 's eyes widen and she looks at Mitnick.

Player Brandi Cantrall


Bring me to life by: Evanescence

Broken by: Seether & Amy Lee of Evanescence

Going Under by: Evanescence

What I've Done by: Linkin Park

New Divide by: Linkin Park

Haunted by: Evanescence

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