Annie Johnson Rumors


  • Annie had been abused by foster parents prior to coming to the sept.
  • Annie was Mickhail Gallentiev, first mate before he even met Mirela.
  • Annie was abused by more than one of the Silver Fang tribe because of her relationship with Mickhail.
  • Some thought that Anne and Tom-Frankner were mates nearly from the start, but Tom told everyone that was around they were not, but were trying to date.
  • Is was royal pain in Tom's ass, but there was still something there that people see.
  • When Annie was taken by BSD's she was a slave to them in many ways that are just not want to be thought of.
  • Dayla of the Bonegnawer Tribe went to rescue Annie and was captured herself and then joined the BSDs.
  • Annie sympathized with her captors despite their intention to sacrifice her.
  • Annie is cursed when it comes to men.
  • Annie has finally given up on men. She is just looking for the right Black Fury woman.
  • Annie had been helping Fallon and Damien find more band members because she secretly has a crush on Fallon Cunningham.
  • Annie was secretly dating Drip.
  • Bites the Mailman started trying to convince Annie he would be a good mate long before the twins were born.
  • Annie is just an alias… her real name is Danny… just ask Drip.
  • Annie has had more suitors than most kin ever do.
  • Annie has more piercings that she can not show anyone and remain decent.

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