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Alyssa Fain

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Central US Time


Central Illinois

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  • IRC: Alyssa_OOC
    • Feel free to PM me as I often am not watching OOC channels closely.
  • E-mail: Alyssa.OOC.Troupe @
    • Please list CW - The Name of the Character in the beginning of the subject line.
    • This is the best way to be sure I get a message and remember it.

Crosswinds Garou Characters

  • Aignéis Étaín Moore
    • Former Fianna Kinfolk
    • Uktena Kinfolk
  • Annie Johnson
    • Bone Gnawer Kinfolk
  • Belladonna
    • Fostern, Shadow Lord, Ragabash
    • DECEASED - Killed on a mission by her soon-to-be packmates under the control of a fallen former septmate.
  • Cassandra
    • Fostern, Glasswalker, Theurge
  • Li-Björnsson Xiaolian
    • Fostern, Child of Gaia, Ahroun
    • DECEASED - Killed on a mission fighting a powerful wyrm spirit by the Shadow Lord's pack totem. She did save the rest of those on the mission by seeing that they got to safety.
  • Sága Skömmsdottir
    • Fostern, Get of Fenris, Theurge, Metis
    • DECEASED - Abandoned then killed by her Shadow Lord packmates

New Orleans Changeling Characters

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