Alexander Arvanitis (DEAD)

Player: Patrick

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Tribe: Black Fury

Breed: Homid

Pack: N/A

Date of Birth: June 23, 1987


Homid Description:

Notable Traits:
Black Fury Pure Breed 3
Stands at 5' 11"

Everyday Outfit:
Alexander wears on a normal bases a pair of black boots with a pair of blue jeans with a button up black shirt that he leaves the top too buttons open on. He usually has a black leather jacket on the conceals his issued firearm that he has on at all times and his badge that is hanging from an inside pocket.

Battle Gear:
Read everyday outfit.


  • Aikaterina Savakis


Common Knowledge

  • Homicide Detective for New Orleans Police Department
  • Transferred from Seattle Police Department


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Daily Routine

  • Works from 7am to 7pm at the Police Department


(This is all out of character information that one must rp or spend appropriate actions to discover)

Alexander was born in Sacremento California to his parent Mr and Mrs Alexander Dante Arvanitis as there only child. He was raised in Sacremento until the age of 9 when his parents were brutally murdered before his eyes from the hiding hole in a wall that his parents had placed there for him if such a thing happened as did that night. At the age of 10 he was adopted by a family by the name of Smiths where he lived with them in Seattle Washington. In high school he was very active in that life as a high school teenager who had an increasing interest in Detective work and justice. Many do not really know what really drove him to this field of work (need to find out from from him alone for this knowldge for his own reasons) but he began to excel in the work quickly and learned all he could while in high school among playing varsity sports. At the age of 18 Alexander legally changed his name back to Arvanitis from Smith as it was his birthname. He went to college for 4 years studying crinimal justice and gaining his degree entered into the police academy and graduated there being the valivectorian for college and the academy. With in his first year Alexander was shot while on patrol in the Seattle area after a chase with a fugitive who opened fired on him taking two bullets to the shoulder then where he was faced to return fire killing the fugitive with a center mass shot before backup had arrived. Within the next year Alexander passed his detective test and earned his rank and quickly joined homicide where he again proved he could excel solving an average fo 90% of his cases in the Seattle area. He quickly was considered a Detective who was the best and can gain a lot of information from the smallest detail. After two and half years on the force one of his cousin from his biological parents Anthony Demitrius located and informed him he was special and that he should seek out a young woman by the name of Aikaterina Savakis. Following his cousins advice for his own reasons (need to find out from from him alone for this knowldge for his own reasons) he sought her out and quickly locating where she was going but not what she looked like. To be near here he requested a transfer to the New Orleans area and was granted permission even with the relunctance of his superiors in Seattle. This now brings us to present day game.


  • "So you think he sent me to find you, fuck you, and have kids?" - Said to a Black Fury

IC Contact Info

  • Can be reached by cell phone only
  • Currently the Police Department


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