Name - Aine o'Keefe

Tribe - Fianna

Breed - Kinfolk

Notable Traits -

==Information known to the Nation==

She and her sister aid in the soup kitchens at the local catholic churches. She is religious, and holds to her faith. She is in college, Delgado, trying to get a degree to be a social worker. She loves her family and would do anything for them. She usually dresses in shorts and tank tops, but has been known on occasion to dress up. She is a well known local artist who hangs out in the French Quarter on the weekends.


Siobhan Morris - Sister

Ray Morris - Brother-in-law

Mara Jade-Niece


Alysia Flannigan - Cousin

== Rumors ==

She has been seen dating Phaethon, of the band called Jaded.

There is a young man following her, and is quite taken with her.

The Ard Righ has sent a Red Branch Knight to seduce her and make sure she has little Fianna babies.

She was born in the swamp.

Several boys have asked her out, but she refuses them.


==OOC Information==

Player - NPC played by Katie

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