Aikatrena Savakis

Aikatrena Savakis


Player: Tia


  • Cliath Deed Name: Diverts the Wyrm
  • Fostern Deed Name: Reaches for the World


Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Black Fury

Auspice: Galliard

Breed: Homid

Rank: Fostern

Titles: Eldest Black Fury

Pack: Stag's Unwavering Honor

Date of Birth: June 13, 1990



Homid Descreption:
5 ft 4, usually has her bow with her if she doesn't there is a small tattoo on her right wrist of a bow and arrow. She has a tattoo on her right shoulder of and one on her inner right thigh of

Lupus Description:
See Photo

Crinos Description:
Stands at 7 ft 4 with jet black fur.

Everyday Outfit:
Usually a mid-drift shirt and tight pants

Battle Gear:
See above for clothes. Has a long bow and her spear.


  • Alexander Arvanitis
    • Mate
    • Police office, killed in the line of duty
  • Kristof Markov
    • Mate
    • Cop

Common Knowledge

  • Rarely seen without a member of her pack
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  • She developed feelings for a garou but pushed them aside.
  • She trapped Alex by telling him he had no choice but to stay after she claimed him.
  • Trying to steal Dahlia from Thrall
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  • "Please can I stab the annoying cat?"
  • "If I remove your vocal chords you will be an even more worthless Galliard."
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IC Contact Info

  • Cell phone
  • Can be found at the Fianna Bar or at her pack house.


OOC Information

Player: Tia

Time Zone: Central Standard Zone

Location: Kansas

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.oohay|etinfossertnuh#moc.oohay|etinfossertnuh
    • Please list CW_Garou: Aika in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: Tia


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